Xiaoying Pu

Credit: Xin Shu

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. I work with Professor Matthew Kay at Northwestern University.

I take a human-centered approach to communicating uncertainty and statistics with visualizations. Through my internships at two national labs, I have applied my research interests to challenges I care about — climate change and renewable energy. I am also interested in adopting and improving open science practices. Ask me about preregistrations!

Across my projects, I have used a wide range of methods, such as design, system-building, participant experiments & (Bayesian) statistical analyses, and qualitative interviews.

Midwest Uncertainty Collectiveumich email: xpuCurriculum VitaeTwitterGitHubLinkedIn. • IPA pronounciation: /ɕǎu jə̄ŋ pʰʷúː/


Datamations: Animated Explanations of Data Analysis Pipelines. Xiaoying Pu, Sean Kross, Jake Hofman, Daniel Goldstein. (To appear at CHI 2021)


A Probabilistic Grammar of Graphics. Xiaoying Pu, Matthew Kay. In Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2020). (Best Paper Honorable Mention)

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SPy: Car Steering Reveals Your Trip Route!. Mert D. Pesé, Xiaoying Pu, and Kang G. Shin. Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies 2020.2 (2020): 155-174.

The Garden of Forking Paths in Visualization: A Design Space for Reliable Exploratory Visual Analytics. Xiaoying Pu, Matthew Kay. IEEE VIS 2018 BELIV Workshop.

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Shorter ones

Unbiasing Visual Data Exploration in the Garden of Forking Paths. Xiaoying Pu, Matthew Kay, Michael Correll, Eli Brown. CHI 2019 Workshop on Human-Centered Study of Data Science Work Practices, 2019.


Designing for Preregistration: A User-Centered Perspective. Xiaoying Pu, Licheng Zhu, Matthew Kay, Fred Conrad. CHI 2019 Late Breaking Work.

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Recent-ish News

  • Feb. 2021: Presenting Datamations at C+J 2021.
  • Feb. 2021: SIG on Visualization Grammars accepted at CHI 2021.
  • Jan. 2021: Working as a GSI for EECS 203: Discrete Math. Office hours.
  • Oct. 2020: Student volunteer at IEEE VIS 2020. Also helped out on How to Make Your Empirical Research Transparent tutorial.
  • May 2020: Started my internsip at Microsoft Research NYC (remote).